Fable - Literary Experiments by Contemporary Visual Artists
The Antler Man Plays with his Bird, The Pianist Romances the Robot, The Lunatic Performs, The Swordsman Engages in Zen...

Nov 22nd-Dec. 31st, 2008

This is an experiment that straddles the boundaries of visual art, fables and fairytale literature.

Fables and fairytales are the remains of classical legends; comics accumulate in the psychological memories of adults; this is the most extreme form of self-dramatization; it reflects the archetypes of the collective unconscious and popular culture;Through the storytelling method, the artists will open up their artworks, so that dust-covered fables and the daydreams of today will intertwine, opening the door to the subconscious.

Four Seasons
Spring Paper-Summer Linen-Autumn Ceramic-Winter Wood
Art of Tang Chenghua

October 11th-Nov. 21st, 2008

Tang Chenghua, who teaches at the China Central Academy of Fine Art, has a rich international academic background as far as academics go. Having floated about between East and West for a decade, Tang Chenghua's work emphasizes the serendipity of the creation process, and shimmers with the passion of abstract expressionism and movement art. His abstract art, which straddles the divide between materials and mediums, has traces of a magnificent personal style, but Eastern culture dominates his artistic world...

Kang Jianfei | Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Curator:Tony Chang
Augest 16th-Sept. 24th, 2008

As a contemporary artist, the unique significance of Kang Jianfei is that he has not wasted his talents on superficial social issues. Instead he has focused all of his efforts on the hidden and inveterate illness that lies within Chinese social mores. Kafka turned a man into a cockroach to decry the alienation of man, while Kang Jianfei, "changing the subject", has made use of a controlled form of mockery, wittily maintaining aloofness. His images carry the rich expressions of the Chinese literati tradition, and his painting language shines with sharp ideas and concepts...

Memory or Reality
Existence, History & Memory,
A Trilogy of Art Exhibitions on China's Spiritual Adventure Today,Chapter III

Curator:Tony Chang
May 31st-July 10th, 2008

Amelie Gallery's Memory or Reality Contemporary Art Exhibition focuses on Chinese young artists' nostalgic sentiments. In reluctance confronting the inexorability of existence, they try to retreat to the past by art, feeding their canvas with abandoned toys, knocked-down old time cinema buildings, demolished HuTong streets where childhood playmates' Red Army role-play games are still vivid. To them, memory seems to be alive, substantiates their individuality; It interlaces with existence, trapping these sensitive souls in the adjacencies between the real and the illusional...

Mirror of History
Existence, History & Memory,
A Trilogy of Art Exhibitions on China's Spiritual Adventure Today,Chapter II

Curator:Tony Chang
April, 19th-May 30th, 2008

"A people without history is not redeemed from time" (T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding). China's current situation leads to the result that we cannot settle in peace with history. Heritage is alive, breathing, connected with the body of reality, it is a cure as well as poisons. Amelie Gallery's Mirror of History exhibition reflects the conflict and rebellion between history and today. The participating artists are sensitive and nostalgic; their sentiments turning back are also prophesies looking forward to the future...

Exile in Existence
Existence, History & Memory,
A Trilogy of Art Exhibitions on China's Spiritual Adventure Today,Chapter 1

Curator:Tony Chang
March, 8th-April 18th, 2008

Confused, lost, and trapped by Franz Kafka-like anxiety, they wonder on the edge of illusion and existence, creating their own universe over the dust of reality. Amelie gallery's Exile in Existence exhibition shows an intriguing composition of artworks on individual life experience: Liu RuiZhao's oil paintings speak out a sense of mystery and human dignity; Hao ChongTao embodies his soberness into childhood games, Ju Ting, Lu JingXi and Chen XiaoKe's woodcuts and etchings are powerful and sincere, demonstrating their brave courage confronting human existence...

New Concept Experiential Print Art Exhibition-
Celebration, Major Public Events of 2008 China Prin Art Fesitival

Jan, 5th-Feb 25th, 2008
Over commercialization of Chinese art creates thrilling auction records and contemporary art has been trapped in a small, privileged circle for the rich, manipulated by art investors and opportunists. By printmaking festival, we hope to engage more people socially and aesthetically, especially local Chinese who will become the backbone of the Chinese art market in the long term...

The festival devotes efforts in printmaking art education by live demonstration, trial printing by the visitors, students & kids events etc.


Urban Culture: the Flourished & Corrupted.
Contemporary Art Exhibition+Urban Sociological Research

Curator: Tony Chang
Nov. 3rd-December 21st, 2007

Amelie Gallery believes that art curatorial practice by itself is a critical inquiry of social problems. This exhibition, divided into four parts, aims to study the ecosystems of urban culture, including consumerism, the impact of pan-entertainment culture, individual existence and the role of modern artists. Media embrace oil-painting, installation, prints and comic books...

Girls Dormitory in the New City of BianLiang,
Chinese Classical at Play.
Yang Tao, Yu Hang and other "classicists", Joint Exhibition
August 1st-Ocober 31st, 2007
Curator: Shi Wu

Subversive disruption of classical Chinese motives is an effective tactics for contemporary avant-gardes addressing their social concerns. Amelie Gallery's new exhibition features works by artists who borrow classical Chinese culture icons. With sharp playfulness, they practice sensitive and subtle Tai Ji Quan (slow-motion Chinese boxing) to challenge reality, demonstrating an uncompromised conceptual edge. Participating artists include Yang Tao, Yu Hang etc..

From Naive to Faceless
The Changing Face of China, Group Exhibition
May 14th-June 30th

Chinese art is a mirror reflecting the nation's phantasmagoric faces. Focused on the Chinese facial expressions, Amelie Gallery's annual retrospective exhibition jumps the fence that divides contemporary from Classic art. From naive primitive legacy in 1950s to post-80s avant-garde's urban apologue, the curatorial perspective is looking out for the spectacular Chinese sentiment that underlines China's visual creativity, embracing diverse mediums like oil paintings, woodcuts, photography, comic book, digital drawings and colored paper cuts etc....

Shadow & Illusion of Postmodern Fantasy
Post-80s avant-garde artists series exhibitions Phrase III
Curator: Tony Chang
March 1st -April 30th, 2007

Self-contradiction, subjectivity are mentalities of post-80s young generation. Reflected in their art, they exercise a vigorous, irrational approach with subject matters ranging from history to presence, reality to sub-consciousness. In phrase III of Amelie Gallery's post-80s artists' exhibition, participating artists Xu Shuo, Jiang Chuan and Zhang ShanShan etc. demonstrate playful and disruptive postmodern fantasy...

Back to Canvas, the Poetry Between Abstract and Imagism
Post-80s avant-garde artists series exhibitions Phrase II.
Curator: Tony Chang
Jan 3rd-Feb 28nd, 2007

Against the impact of globalization, subject matter of contemporary Chinese art is in a flustered manner responding to social and personal problems, while this show represents a group of Post-80s artists (Chen SongTao, Xie Yi, Wu YiCai, Xie Lei etc.) who realize that contemporary is only temporary. From chaotic and superficial realities, they decide to retreat back to canvas, their ambition as oil painters is more concerned with something of eternal quality, engaged in exploring Chinese way to abstract purity...


Private Game
Post-80s avant-garde artists series exhibitions Phrase 1.
Curator: Tony Chang, Oct. 28th-December 20th
Opening Reception: Oct. 28th 19:00-22:00

Amelie Gallery is launching a series of exhibitions for artists from the post-80s era, exploring their shifts of focus from previous generations, shedding light on what will impact on the contemporary Chinese art scene in the very immediate future.The first show presents six artists (Liu RuiZhao, Hao ChongTao etc.) on oil painting, photography and experimental printmaking. These artists share obscure vision in their intimate fantasy, representing an emerging trend of adventurous individuality in post-80s art...


The Exhibition of "I", 3rd Part of Triptych "Time, Space and I"
UK, Germany,China.
Curator: Cameron Craig

This is the third part of a curatorial triptych "Time, Space and I". The first part "Time" took place in January/February 2006 along the Meridian Line in the UK. The Second part "Space" took place in Weimar, Germany in an old industrial building that was changing into a contemporary art space. The third part "I" takes place in Beijing, China from 3rd-10th of November 2006.

Women Rising-Art & Life of Contemporary Women, Group Exhibition.
Venue: Amelie Art Gallery & Firstar Parfum French Restaurant
September 25 to November 15

While gender differences are becoming indistinct, the social achievements of women in today's world have never been so evident. Demonstrating their responsibilities in a wide array of social settings, women enter into top management in the corporate world, control finance in family life, manipulate or abandon men in their restless emotional adventures...these ladies are breaking the cultural and social boundaries at a breathtaking pace. The whole world is like the diamonds on their giant, blooming skirt..

Heritage & Individual Creativity
-Scream before Burned.

Contemporary Wood Cut, Silkscreen Print Group Show
August 1- October 15

A group of artists from China's top fine arts academies gathers together to create a burning celebration of printmaking works. Struggling single-handedly in a world engaged in economic progress, they have a strong sense of Chinese heritage, lost personal memories and collective loneliness of this decade..

Ethical Project!

Hutong to Highrise is an organization documenting the disappearing hutong communities of Beijing. As an art institution with strong social commitment, Amelie Gallery sponsored Hutong to Highrise''s photography exhibition, which was essential for increasing awareness of the lives of people who live in Beijing's hutongs.

Fragrance of Pottery.
Sentimental Beauty of Oriental Femininity

10 years achievement by pottery sculptor Zheng Yu Kui
May 01 ~ June 30

A pretty opera actress, a coquettish country girl, and a plump goddess of spring...these are all works by pottery sculptor Zheng Yu Kui. These sculptures have lively eyes and orchid-like fingers; they are stylish and charming. They accurately capture the purity of the oriental female's unique temperament...

The Affordability of Art & Unaffordability of Being An Artist
Art Seasons Gallery, Dashanzi 798 Beijing,
April 27-30 2006.

Kicking off the third International Dashanzi Art Festival, the exhibition showed works of exceptionally high quality from some of the biggest names and emerging avant-garde in Chinese art...

Primitive Folk Art Masters Series
Celebration - Paper Cut Art by Ku ShuLan,
Goddess of Paper Cut
Regarded as the Oriental Matisse, Ku ShuLan's fame rose in 1990s for her bold, passionate paper cut. Her expressionist vision and joyful celebration of colours are evidence of how individual creativity of a great artist elevates folk art heritage. Her life tells a story that a sensitive soul uncompromisingly confronts the human sufferings...