Women Rising.
The Art & Life of Contemporary Women, Group Exhibition.
Venue: Amelie Art Gallery & Firstar Parfum French Restaurant
Curator: Tony Chang
September 25 to November 15

While gender differences are becoming indistinct, the social achievements of women in today's world have never been so evident. Demonstrating their responsibilities in a wide array of social settings, women enter into top management in the corporate world, control finance in family life, manipulate or abandon men in their restless emotional adventures...these ladies are breaking the cultural and social boundaries at a breathtaking pace. The whole world is like the diamonds on their giant, blooming skirt.

Now, a bunch of female artists meet together, taking over a French restaurant named Firstar Parfum as an unexpected venue for art. By woodcut, photos, sculpture and oil paintings, their mission is to openly attack female-related issues that range from independence, sensuality to their frustration and insecurity.

Woman with Sword No. 3
Photo by Yu Hang,
Limited edition

Raise the Red Lantern, Oil on canvas by WangJia

The cutting-edge design of Firstar Parfum provides female entrepreneurs, visionaries, luminaries and art buffs an ideal platform to communicate, exchange or simply find a home for their hearts. Either as a participant or a spectator, they laugh, flirt, socialize...their presence will be blended into a much more grandiose setting, even the figures in the paintings seem to be whispering to each other, the art of female artists and the life style of modern women will be intertwined together to create an intriguing collage of transformation from the traditional feminism to the neo-feminism.

What has become an undeniable fact is that, at the frontier of this age, these ladies are shaking off the shackles in a world that has been dominated by their male counterpart for too long.

The participating artists WangJia, Jing SongMin, Yu Hang, Liu MaoMao etc. are self-confident, courageous avant-gardes with a disruptive vision.

Woman with Sword No. 1
Photo by Yu Hang,
Limited edition

Rains in My Dreams No.1
WaterPrint by Wang Yan, Limited edition

Hometown Story-Lovers
Oil on canvas
by WangJia
Hometown Story-Mask
Oil on canvas
by WangJia

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