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Notation of Time,
2010 Chen Qi Solo Show

Curator: Tony Chang
Artist Chen Qi (b. 1963) witnessed the rise of the 85 New Wave during his college days, but he did not directly reflect the confusion of social transformation in his creations. His personality is introspective and serene, and the path of his artistic development resembles that of such artists as Xu Bing and Wang Huaiqing - searching the interior of cultural traditions for the key to cracking contemporary malaise. Since the mid 1980s, Chen has stayed faithful to his heart, engaging in meditations on individual existence while maintaining China's literati tradition with a contemporary awareness. For his recent Notations of Time series, his path of artistic transformation has extended even further, entering into the depths of the inner world.

The art of water-based printmaking * is a continuation of the infatuation with the traces of objects from Chinese ink and wash painting, and rubbings of ancient stele inscription