Curator: Tony Chang
Opening Reception & Frozen in Place Act:
2009.3.21, 15:00:00
Amelie Gallery, Beijing
As the theme of this exhibition, No Fun without You has two layers of meanings. First, the participating artists create playful and joyful scenes: Liu Ruizhao's youths are in a state of absent-mindedness, and are painted with rich, exaggerated color in dramatic lighting. Huang Kai's paintings recall the childhood playmates in the old, demolished Hutong (alleyways). Wang Yanbin depicts naughty chafferers in grey robes and red shoes who are forcing a crane to drink Coca Cola.... This group of young and vigorous artists come together to present a lively and entertaining party, adding humor and fun into the contemporary art scene.

However, there is heavy melancholy behind the playfulness. People in the paintings seem to be lost in their own thoughts, preoccupied with a state of loneliness. Liu Ruizhao's images have a signature frozen atmosphere. Riding on a wooden camel or holding a swimming ring, his youths are looking at the viewer in hesitation; they seem to be magically conjured, frozen on the canvas, expecting something to happen. Liu effectively creates timeless illusions in his paintings. Huang Kai integrates woodblock printmaking style into acrylic paintings; the result is a unique, semi-abstract effects. He exactingly paints in the punctilious outlines with areas of flat tone to depict the lively expressions on the children's faces. He uses what seems like black iron wire to draw the outlines of the shapes from memory. Vivid expressions become unreal, these serious-looking children appear heavyhearted, and their games turn into a crucial battle. Other artists Cheng Qintao and Wang Xiaoou's canvas display a similar spiritual expectation. Here, the title "No Fun without You" hints at something else: the people in the paintings cannot enjoy themselves; they seem to be awaiting someone absent, maybe a lost friend or something crucially significant; without which, the happy carrousel of life halt in time.

Ultimately, without you, the participants, engaging spiritually, everything would be in vain. The curator welcomes visitors to come to the show to play a Frozen in Place act randomly. Maybe when the people in the paintings see you frozen, they will burst into sound.

Artists: Liu RuiZhao, Huang Kai,Wang YanBin, Zhang Ying,Cheng QinTao,Liu MaoMao, Wang XiaoOu

Amelie Gallery

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