The Affordability of Art & Unaffordability of Being An Artist

Dashanzi 798 Beijing,
Art Seasons Gallery.
April 27-30 2006.

Organizers: TimeOut Beijing, Amelie Art Gallery & Red T Ltd.

With a top price of 8000 RMB and some paintings going for as little as a few hundreds Kuai, there were something for everyone on the first Affordable Art Fair in 798.
Kicking off the third International Dashanzi Art Festival, the AAF fair offered Beijing art lovers a chance to pick up a piece that was not only affordable, but would look amazing and may even be worth something someday.

The fair showed works of exceptionally high quality from some of the biggest names and emerging avant-garde in Chinese art, so those with a keen eye even be able to buy a piece that could skyrocket in value. Amelie Gallery showcased contemporary artist Jin SongMin's bold and courageous woodcuts, which were taken away very quickly by buyers.

Amelie Gallery and Artist Jin SongMin also co-created a piece of performance art at the entrance of the 700 square meters Art Seasons Gallery. With 1 million note of funerary money and a penny, two Buddha portraits (one is nailed at heart and another doling out his head to a beggar) and a lucky draw approach to randomly determine the price of a piece of art, the performance challenged people to think about the value of art and the humble economic existence of committed artist, calling more actions to support Chinese art.