Chen Qi in 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair: China-Guest of Honor exhibition
Revival of Tradition- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

As one of the most important exhibitions from China as guest of honor country in 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair, Revival of the Tradition-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition opens in Frankfurt. More than 30 pieces of artworks from six representative Chinese artists on display effuse oriental elegance, transmitting the traditional Chinese aesthetic spirit, the exhibition hall is emitting with strong Chinese breath.

As Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Artist Chen Qi dedicates in making traditional water-based wood block printmaking to perfection which gains independence and richness in aesthetic language of printmaking. His representative works "Water" express the abstraction of water; it challenges the limit of this medium.

Chen Qi, together with famous artists Feng Dazhong, Shang yang, Tian Liming, Tan Ping and Cai Zhisong, use works with historical sense and contemporary spirits to explain the idea that" Tradition is the art creation of constant renovation".

Deputy Director of China Press and Publishing Office Wu Shulin addressed in the opening ceremony, he said: "The Revival of Tradition- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition is one of China's most important cultural exchange activities in 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair. We hope to introduce Chinese culture to the world through fresh and active visual art achievement from China, which manifests the long-standing and well-established Chinese spirit. These artworks attempt to illuminate the idea of traditional revival from different angles."

The head of German Book Trade Associate commented that exhibiting Chinese contemporary art during 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair allows German to understand Chinese culture better. The China consul-general in Frankfurt, Mr. Wen Zhenshun expressed his good wishes after attending the event. He said: "art cannot be restrained by countries, and culture is the best bridge for communicating. I hope that German can better understand modern Chinese humanistic spirit through this exhibition, enriching their understanding of China."

World Trip of China Fine Art: Chen Qi in Vienna-
Contemporary Innovation of the Chinese Wood Block Printmaking.

On 8th October 2009, the opening ceremony of World Trip of China Fine Art Printmaking took place in Youth Art Museum in Vienna. Held by China Artists Association, the exhibition celebrates 60 years of new China; it represents the most glorious achievement in Chinese printmaking in the past 60 years.

Artists representative Chen Qi, Ling junwu, A Ge and famous critic Qi Fengge, Secretary Chief of China Artists Association Liu Jian and Director of the Vienna Youth Fine Art Museum attended the ceremony. Chinese ambassador in Austria Wu Ken presents a speech. Ambassador Wu Ken said: "there is enormous transformation in the 60 years history of new China. Chinese artists who experienced the changes in person, created many elaborate fine art works, their strong Chinese style and social characteristics won broad acclaim from international peers. 76 pieces of artworks represent the highest level of Chinese printmaking creation since 1949, meanwhile vividly reflect the developments and changes happened in China in 60 years. Both China and Austria are countries of long history and tradition. This exhibition opens a window of art for Austrian people, and it allows them to better understand on Chinese art and culture, recognizing China's development and progress."