The Exhibition of "I".
3rd Part of Triptych "Time, Space and I"
UK, Germany,China.
Curator: Cameron Craig
Project Collaborator: Amelie Art Gallery, Beijing

This is the third part of a curatorial triptych "Time, Space and I". The first part "Time" took place in January/February 2006 along the Meridian Line in the UK. The Second part "Space" took place in Weimar, Germany in an old industrial building that was changing into a contemporary art space. The third part "I" takes place in Beijing, China in November 2006.

Amelie Gallery as project collaborator in Beijing, shares the academic passion and social concern of Mr. Craig, proudly represents three gallery artists Jin SongMin, Yu Tao and Huang Kai to participate. The gallery believes their works carry strong and powerful individual messages, along with other artists like Sheng Qi, Hei Yue etc., providing an intriguing mixture representing individual thoughts on memory, family and one's position within society.

Brought together in one space, they provide even more an insight into the cultural, political and economic layers in China. The show questions identity not only as an individual person but also the role of being an artist in contemporary China.

Making Social Progress by Art

Hei Yue-Ji Shengli
(Performance Art)
Sheng Qi
Ma Han
Zhang Tian
Feifei Lu
Chen Zijuan
Jin SongMin
Yu Tao
Huang Kai
Weng Jun
Cai DeQuan (Photography)
Xiao Feige