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Amelie Gallery, Beijing, China
HuTong Play-Huang Kai Solo Show
Opening: 01.23 15:00 PM
Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of
Chinese New Year Fine Art Print Festival

Huang Kai preferred a line-drawing illustration style popular in the early 20th century Chinese comic books to describe the social backdrop of the 80's, concentrated on his own story in his memory.

From Huang Kai's works, one can see the extensions of a "homeland", such as street blocks, neighborhoods, fellow townsmen and an imagination of the previous generations about the "neighborhood" relations; the works also embody a sense of soberness of an onlooker. However, the events and time frames in the paintings, the faulty juxtaposition and contradictions between memories and regions, rendering this "throwback" a combination of melancholy and sweet sentiments. Even though the narrator maintained his cynical stance against this misplaced longing, he did not measure up to Aristophanes's polemical satires. This was the inclination of "nostalgic narratives" in modern mainland culture.
-Xu Hong, Deputy Director,
Curatorial & Research Department
National Art Museum of China

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2010 NYFAPF brings galleries together to use printmaking to expand awareness about contemporary art and to expand its market base. This collaboration is a testament to their faith in the future of the art industry after the financial crisis. The Festival is hosted by China Print Art Online(, and is a collaboration between Amelie Gallery, Ku Gallery, La Plantation Art Center, onemoon Gallery and Yun Gallery, who have partnered up to bring together the freshest innovation in fine art print for this year's festival...

Amelie Gallery
, Beijing
798 Art District,
No.2 Jiu Xian Qiao Rd., Chao Yang District, Beijing, China.
10am-18:00pm, Wednesday-Sunday, +86 010 59789698

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