Curator: Tony Chang
May 14th-June 30th
+86 010 65307048

From Naive to Faceless
The Changing Face of China, Group Exhibition

Chinese art is a mirror reflecting the nation's phantasmagoric faces. Focused on the Chinese facial expressions, Amelie Gallery's annual retrospective exhibition jumps the fence that divides contemporary from Classic art. From naive primitive legacy in 1950s to post-80s avant-garde's urban apologue, the curatorial perspective is looking out for the spectacular Chinese sentiment that underlines China's visual creativity, embracing diverse mediums like oil paintings, woodcuts, photography, comic book, digital drawings and colored paper cuts etc.

New media artist Li JingRu's urban fantasy (Digital Drawing, Limited Edition) features faceless characters.

Below: artist Hao ChongTao's Game series.

In Li's Urban Apologue, city youths tattoo their faces with fashionable flower patterns. Without lasting memory, tonight's relationship will fade away next morning, body intimacy is the only means of communication, and human existence is reduced to mere physical. His another work Boys of Beliefs presents a fantasized spiritual fairyland, in which faceless cartoon boys march heroically in a war zone like computer game, nuclear bombs drop on Chinese lotus, Buddha rests on mushroom cloud...

Other works depict sentimental Chinese beauty posing against Song Dynasty's landscape, Mask of Happiness smashed, crescent lost in the water, Goddess of Paper cut prays in a declining pavilion...the multi-layered complexity echoes China's astonishing social transformation.

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