Art Exhibition
March 8th-April 18th,
Tony Chang

Ignorance of social problems accompanies these young Chinese artists' suspicious and gloomy mentality, they adopt a critical approach and are determined to express their own vision for reality. Unlike the post-70s artists who are obsessed with cartoon or "Cruel Youth" motifs, they retreat to their own personal existence.
Confused, lost, and trapped by Franz Kafka-like anxiety, they wonder on the edge of illusion and existence, creating their own universe over the dust of reality. Amelie gallery's Exile in Existence exhibition shows an intriguing composition of artworks on individual life experience: Liu RuiZhao's oil paintings speak out a sense of mystery and human dignity; Hao ChongTao embodies his soberness into childhood games, Ju Ting, Lu JingXi and Chen XiaoKe's woodcuts and etchings are powerful and sincere, demonstrating their brave courage confronting human existence.

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Game Series
By Hao ChongTao
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By Chen XiaoKe

Game Series
By Hao ChongTao
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