Chen Qi 's Water Series: 2004-2011
Water Print on Rice Paper

Collected by Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK; 2007
Water, 6 editions, 180x300cm,2006

Multiple Impressions- Contemporary Chinese Woodblock Prints, Museum of Michigan University, 2011
Water No.7, 20 editions,120x240cm,2010

Print & Concept-The Second Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Prints, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2011
1912.400x200cm,15 editions,2010

96 Woodblocks & Exhibition View of 1963
1963, 335x780cm,2009  

The 4th Beijing International Biennale, China National Art Museum,2010
Water No.2, 6 editions, 500x540cm,2007
Water, 4 editions, 180x240cm,2004
Golden Award, Jiang Su New Printmaking Exhibition
Water No.4, 6 editions, 180x380cm,2007
Water No.9, 20 editions, 110x62cm,2011
Water No.10, 20 editions, 99x62cm,2011
Water No.11, 20 editions, 110x62cm,2011
Water No.12, 20 editions,99x62cm, 2011
Water No.13, 20 editions, 99x62cm,2011