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Dreaming of Butterfly No.2
80x58cm, 20 Editions 2000

On my son’s windowsill there is a snap-together wooden butterfly. It is beautiful but also lonely. The butterfly’s life has already passed, but its spirit has flown on, following my mental wanderings through past and present to look back on myself in the here and now. In the work, a Chinese panel screen is in the background, with a white butterfly flying over an engraved landscape. In the foreground is a skeleton-like structure of a butterfly, looking like an old abandoned propeller plane from the early industrial era. Looking at the ancient landscape line drawing through the holes in the butterfly’s wings, the light emanates from within the mountain. This is a portrait of the ancient Chinese landscape painting spirit traversing time.

Dreaming of Butterfly No.1
80x58cm, 20 Editions 2000